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Harrods Christmas Bear 1997

Picture of Harrods Christmas Bear 1997
Harrods Christmas Bear, 1997

$19.99 (USD)

Mini Chair

Picture of Mini Chair

$8.99 (USD)

Mini Desk

Picture of Mini Desk
Wonderful little desk for both plush and dolls!

$18.99 (USD)

Tent Picture Frame

Picture of Tent Picture Frame
Unusual Tent Picture Frame, taken out of box to take picture, brand new. Great gift for the outdoorsman, 6" x 6".

$5.00 (USD)

Toy Tricycle

Picture of Toy Tricycle
Toy Tricycle 9" x !3"

$5.99 (USD)

Twin Red Chairs

Picture of Twin Red Chairs
Twin Red Wooden Chairs

$9.99 (USD)

Wooden Doll Table/Stool

Picture of Wooden Doll Table/Stool
Wooden Doll Table/Stool

$3.99 (USD)